Apr 3, 2014

Some shows coming up this month:

4/19 @ Troubadour Pub & Grill Athens for People Over Profit: Charity Benefit

4/24 @ Mammal Gallery Atlanta with Megafauna

4/25 @ Alley Cat Carrollton with Cult of Riggonia

4/26 @ Fresh Produce Records Macon with Cult of Riggonia

Hope to see you there!

Dec 12, 2013

Goodbye 2013, C U Next Year!

Well another year is coming to an end, everyone knows it has to happen. 2013 has been pretty dang good for us here on the old Electric Nature Dude Ranch. Did a little touring and played with a bunch of killer bands, released a split tape with the awesome Forget the Times on Already Dead, and most of all made some great new friends and had nothing but fun while we were doing it. We released a couple of EPs this year, Sunspot and Ancient Astronauts and Medicine Men, which I will embed below. I'm pretty happy with both of those, while all the songs on the Sunspot release will be fleshed out on the next long record, which we are now recording and also might be the last with our current lineup. Because as the seasons and year change, there comes some changes for Electric Nature as well. Josh Lamar, our excellent drummer for the past couple of years and one of my best friends, has cleaned up his act and left the rock-and-roll lifestyle behind for a professional career in skyscraper window placement and height testing. We wish him the best in this endeavor and are happy for the fond memories we have of our time together. I, Michael Potter, the person writing this, will be moving from Carrollton to Athens, GA early in 2014. While it is sad to think about all the friends I will miss in Carrollton, especially my longtime buddy and bassist and tuba player Patrick Lowe (who should probably think about moving to Athens himself), I am also excited and feel hopeful about the posibility of meeting and playing with some new (and old) friends and musicians in Athens. Well that's it, I hope everyone else has had as good a year as we have! Long live psychedelic music!


Sep 2, 2013

Mini-Tour 2013!

Hey folks! I just remembered we have a blog! So here's some current information! We've got a split cassette with Forget The Times coming out on Already Dead Tapes & Records later this month, and they invited us to play their annual Family Reunion festival in Kalamazoo, MI! How exciting! Since we'll be traveling all the way up to Kalamazew, we figured why not book a few dates on the way up and back! Logical! I'll post the Facebook event pages to each show here as they become available. (If I don't conveniently forget about the blog again! Doh!)

Sunday, Sept. 15 @ Alley Cat, Carrollton, GA:

Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ Apop Records, St. Louis, MO:

Friday, Sept. 20 @ The 411 Club, Kalamazoo, MI:

May 6, 2013

new old material now available on bandcamp

The Electric Nature Bandcamp

I've put up several older, unavailable releases and made everything on our bandcamp available as name-your-price downloads. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy any of the music. Financial support from our fans means a lot to us. However if you have no money (like us), please feel free to download what you wish on the house.

May 5, 2013

Derp Curts Volume One

A stash of old improv noise jams has been unearthed and we'll be releasing some of it in a few volumes as Electric Nature Classic Derp Curts. Here's the first.

Sunspot EP

Here's something we recorded live in our practice space on Labor Day 2012. We've since added guitarist Zack Hann into the fold and have fleshed out these tunes a bit more.

Sep 9, 2012

Drugs in my Space Face!

So I've been thinking about the Space Face and Drugs in Space EPs being one album. The ideas on both are so very similar. All the songs for both of those EPs were recorded at the same time, I just chose to release them 8 months apart from each other. So here now is the perfected version, with some very slight tweaking. Enjoy y'all!

Aug 28, 2012

Back to the Future Past!

Hey it's 2012 and I am finally making a post! I have left this page in disuse for far too long. Many things have happened in the 9 months since my last update, too much for me to try to remember all right now. But I shall be back on the ball with all new information about releases and shows and whatnots from now on.

The infinitely talented misters Josh Lamar and Patrick Lowe have joined the Electric Nature ranks and have been playing out live with me for the past few months. Since our first show at the Earl back in April our sound has changed a lot. You will be able to hear the progression over the next few releases.

There will be a cassette release of the Lungrakes single on Sunup Recorings (who released Ocean Portal Waveform earlier this year) sometime very soon, as well as another single out on Ailanthus Recordings (who released Drugs in Space last year). We've got the tracks almost finished for another 22 minute EP, as well as several tracks recorded for a full length album. I have been writing a lot and it's really nice to have some great musicians to play and share with.

Below is a free or pay-what-you-want download of the Lungrakes single. Thanks!


Dec 11, 2011

Ohmpark's Top 25 Albums of 2011!

Atlanta's own awesome Ohmpark blog recently voted Mount Analogue their number 4 album of the year! Wow, what a nice surprise! So much love, thanks!

Do Not Buy This Compilation!

Another excellent comp from the fine folks at homotownrecord$$$ featuring an edit of my Super Space Disco jam! This compilation is amazing!!